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titanium_flame's Journal

The Draco-Tigris Culinary Community
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This livejournal community has been created for the express purpose of informing those that wish to partake of the culinary masterpieces forged by the Titanium Chef (tm) & Draken Flame (tm).

Those that are meek of palette, need not indulge in the luxurious gourmet vittles born of the sweat, blood and strength of the megalithic talents of the 2 chefs.

Those that wish to challenge the Titanium Chef(tm) or Draken Flame(tm) can post here and the competition will be arranged.

"If you can't take the heat, get out of my kitchen!" -- Draken Flame(tm)

"You want Taco what?! Philistine! Your days are numbered!" -- Titanium Chef(tm)