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Greetings! I wish to welcome you to our new forum.

We shall post culinary information and events involving Draken Flame and/or myself, theTitanium Chef!

Some of these events may be meals prepared by us or even a competition where a challenger seeks to outperform the tiger or the dragon. [chuckles] They can dream, can't they?

In time, we will post a schedule of events. The seats will be limited, so when there are openings, they will be first come, first served. Don't be slow, lest ye miss the opportunity for culinary masterpieces.

Again, welcome!
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wow now this looks to be an interesting one *G*
I may have to challenge you in ghte desert arena one of these days ;)
Grrrrrreat! Let's hear some recipes! I love to cook :-)

- Jon Rich
Hello. Welcome.

Actually, if you want recipes, you should go here.

Titanium Flame is for posting of culinary events that Draken and/or I produce/sponsor. There may be recipes later on, but that's basically for creations made in regards to the aforementioned events. Either by the challengers or by Draken and/or myself.

You'll find some nice recipes on the Furs that Cook forum. I am on there and have posted some recipes.

What's your area of expertise?

How did you find this corner of the net?
Bwahahahaha, I, dark side of cooking, have joined this cult! ::waves a razor-edged spatula::
Darkside, eh?

Must I use the power of angel food to compel you?

[shows you a big fluffly angel food cake]

Know your place darksider!

[waves the cake at you]